Created in 1986, Complexe de pêche du littoral "COPELIT", a group whose capital is 100% Moroccan.
It is a major operator in the fisheries and the valorisation of the products of the sea in the southern zone of the Kingdom of Morocco. Employing more than 2,250 employees.
Its units are located in Dakhla and Laayoune.
Its activities and companies:

  •   Fishing: Ghali de pêche, Al hamd pelagic, S2H Pélagique
  •   Freezing: Copelit congélation, Rijal sakia, Smoco, Tissir Port, Frater B Pesca sarl, Argob Fish
  •   Meal and fish oil: Copelit Meal and fish oil
  •   Cannery: DAMSA S.A
  •   Trading: Tiscop trading Sarl
  •   Logistics: DAMSA Logistics

In parallel to the activities above, the group owns 3 RSW trawlers at the port of Dakhla, which is the main source of supply for the group's companies. This is done in strict compliance with fishing quotas.

The COPELIT group has been working for more than 30 years to meet demand at both national and international levels, respecting all quality standards and taking into account the environment.