Fish meal :

Fishmeal dried steam. Protein: 65% Min 71% Max

Fish oil :

High in Omega 3 Acid: 3% Max

Frozen small pelagic
Sardine Whole, headless hulled
Sardine fillet
Sardinella, mackerel and Mackerel
Products :


Whom we are


COPELIT  COPELIT was founded in 1991 by Mr SENTISSI EL IDRISSI HASSAN, one of the pioneers of the industry of fish in Morocco, with as main activity, the production of fishmeal, fishoil as well as processing and freezing of fish products for supply in both domestic and export markets.

Our Commitment

MISSION: Our mission is to develop a strategy of Quality guarantee which considers the human being to be an axle of development and productiveness, to support at the best level procedures and products.

We want to create a working system to acquire and assure an optimum quality both for our products where the most important remains the human being as individual exercising an activity and being in the centre of our activity and productiveness.

We also take into account requests of markets and public health of the consumers.

VISION: It rests on the application of a system of internal quality based on techniques and procedures envisaged in the various regulations of the national and international organisms of control.

We establish in addition internal quality norms, to ameliorate the contentment of our customers at most.
Quality :
Working conditions and environment are carefully adapted to the latest standards and environmental health.




Therefore, with seriousness and responsibility, it has now v ISO22000 certification in 2005, 9001v ISO 2000, IQNet, LATU SISTEMAS AND Nemko.